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Secrets. Everybody has at least one. Some are innocent, some heavy and dark. But what if somebody you loved – like your partner or parent - asked you to keep their diagnosis a secret? Balancing respect for privacy with the concerns of allowing someone to suffer in silence is a serious dilemma. How would a secret like this affect your relationship, your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the individual who has received the diagnosis or begun to experience symptoms? In the above video, Pam shares how she has been affected by the stigma around her diagnosis. Her closest friends also offer their perspectives. We invite you to watch the video, ponder this topic of secrecy and join our conversation.

Articles About Secrecy

Some of our partners have offered their unique perspectives around the issue of secrecy. Read the following posts by Laurel Coleman, a geriatric physician on the Alzheimer's Advisory council, Bonnie Bigalke, a social worker with Alzheimer's Association MA/NH chapter and Dr. Brent Forester, with McLean Hospital, specializing in geriatric psychiatry.

Secrecy vs. Privacy: The Danger of Silence by Dr. Laurel Coleman

The Burden of Secrecy, by Bonnie Bigalke

Caring for the Caregiver: Part 1

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